About Me

Rebekah Hoover - Birth Doula and Photographer


Hey there, I’m Rebekah!

Most days you can find me in my sweats at my computer or organizing a closet. People often refer to me as BusyBeka because I always have to be working towards a goal! I don’t sit still and rest well. Ha ha! I am mostly known for my drive to serve others and passion for birth and photography. I love influencing the world one birth at a time helping mothers have a birth experience where they feel 100% supported and capturing the sweet moments if they desire. Other than that, I am passionate about my relationship with Jesus, my beautiful family, and being active in nature.

I work with families who yearn for a positive birth experience however that looks to them. They may struggle with anxiety or simply want the support of someone whose sole purpose is to get to know them and help their desires become reality. I am honored to be apart of their birth team, to encourage, give hands on support, help keep a positive atmosphere, and so much more….

As a doula I am continuously learning. I certified through CAPPA but have gone on to train with YBE Equip, rebozo training, essential oil safety, and working towards getting certified with Still Birthday and acupressure. I feel it is important to constantly be learning and growing!

When I’m not busy serving a client or editing photos, you can catch me organizing, being outside with my family, or helping at church. I have an amazing supportive husband of 16 years and we have 6 beautiful children ranging from 15 to 4 years old. We have 3 pets. A reptile (bearded dragon), rodent (Guinea pig), and a beta fish. We often joke that if our fish was a bird, we’d have the “Wonder Pets” (a kid show with talking pets that Save the Day!) But what really makes our family unique is that two of our six children are adopted and through two very different ways. Our 5th child was adopted locally through a local agency. When we decided to adopt again, we did embryo adoption and I gave birth to our adopted Filipino son!

If you’re curious to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me…

1. I have always been good with my hands. My parent’s friends would offer to pay me for a massage at 12 years old.

2. I was 19 years old when we had our first child.

3. Our third son has special needs.

4. I induced lactation to be able to nurse our adopted daughter.

5. Our embryo adoption pregnancy ended in a placenta abruption and emergency c-section @ 35 weeks. We joke that he wanted to come out like he went in….. Surgically! 


Inspiring ideas, empowering strength, and encouraging the birth YOU desire!